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The term “fine art” refers to an art form practised mainly for its aesthetic value and its beauty (“art forart’s sake”) rather than its functional value. Fine art is rooted in drawing and design-based works such as painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

Insightful creations: Werner Szendi

 You can achieve and create everything in life! We create our world through our thoughts, desires, and ideas. This is just the beginning. The first thing I noticed about Szendi‘s paintings was the deep spirituality in all of with works. He has the talent to create illusions through his art, making art a communication channel […]

FLASHBACK: retrospective show by Ioannis Karalias

The Tsichritzis Foundation of Fine Arts presents “FLASHBACK,” the solo painting exhibition of the internationally distinguished artist Ioannis Karalias and invites you to the opening of the show on Friday, March 6 at 19.30. This retrospective show brings together a selection of artworks produced from 2009 to 2019. The artist and author Rania Kapeliari writes […]

An indulgence in visual intricacies: Hazel Glass

I have always been creating, as long as I can remember. Drawing came first, then writing, then photography, all before becoming a teenager. At what point did what I was creating become what others would call “art”? I suppose to know that, we would first have to answer the age-old question, “What is art?” For […]