About us

Our vision

Art has no borders.

The ART.gallery is a dynamic and creative hub and the focal point for artists, collectors, and institutional figures, where art meets design and academic style borders on the revolutionary present. Our Gallery is a global online platform for Art & Design, an international marketing channel creating leads for our artists, while at the same time offering a branding solution to them. Think of us as a fast-growing international atelier.

Art defines the creation of something with imagination and skill expressing important ideas or feelings; in our Gallery, you will find a wide variety of artistic objects made by independent artisan creators around the world, from the eccentric groundbreaking contemporary artworks to the delicacy of classical fine art paintings.

Art has no limits. Anything from a line on a piece of paper to a unique handcrafted wooden object or a photo capture can be called an art-piece. Discover cutting-edge designs and emerging contemporary artists.

Our mission

Meet your local Artists.

As an Art Institution, our aim is to promote up-coming revolutionary artists, along with presenting artists already established in the international art community. We provide further opportunities for artists to introduce their collections, exhibitions, installations, and other unique artistic projects in an intimate online environment globally, through our website, our social media pages, and via monthly (occasionally bi-weekly) newsletters.

Our marketing team’s plans include implementing a variety of innovative marketing strategies and lead-capturing techniques in the foreseeable future.

Our mission is to form a solid ground for the future development and distribution of artworks and ideas, to form a new online art community.

Our main goal is to help and support all the Artists in our community.